silent keyword

CQL normally annotates a game it outputs. It annotates with the word "MATCH" when a position matches; it adds certain information data, like the game number, before the first move; and some filters add annotations of their own.

These comments can be suppressed in three different ways: a CQL silent parameter, the silent keyword before a filter, and using the --silent command line argument.

Comments created using the comment filter are not suppress by the silent keyword.

A silent parameter

Using silent as a CQL parameter will inhibit all comments:
    cql (input i.pgn silent) ...

silent before a filter

If you put the keyword silent prior to any of the commenting filters, the output from that filter will be suppressed. The commenting filters are:
The use of the silent keyword is illustrated in silent.cql, where for example to silence a next* filter the following is used:
    silent next* $rook on $corner

--silent as a command line option

If cql is invoked with a command line option of --silent then all comments will be suppressed:
    cql --silent rook-corners-1