Overview of comments

Use the /// filter (or the comment filter) to insert comments into a pgn file:
      x = 
      ///"There are " #x " empty squares in the king's field. They are: " x

Use hascomment filter to match comments in the PGN file:

hascomment "Good move"

You can instruct the CQL parser to ignore parts of the CQL file using C-style comments:

  • Anything on a line following // not followed by / is ignored. Exception: anything after //// on a line is ignored.
  • Anything between the /* and */ sequences is ignored.
For example:
    check // the  part after 'check' is a comment and is ignored
          /// "inserted into the PGN file, NOT ignored"
          //// 4 slashes is ignored however
    /* These two lines are ignored
      Second line*/