The CqlChess font

The CqlChess font is a monospace font designed to work well with with the Unicode characters used in CQL. It may be downloaded from CqlChess.ttf . The font file is also bundled with in distributions of CQL (download).


CqlChess combines two open source fonts, Noto Sans Mono Regular and Noto Symbols 2. CqlChess is distributed under the same Open Font License. as these.

CqlChess makes the following adjustments to these fonts:

  1. The font was made monospace so that code lines up correctly (Noto Symbols 2 is not monospace).
  2. Chess figurines (like and ) were enlarged and made closer, so that combinations like would look more unified.
  3. Other symbols representing sets were to be the same size as the figurines, including
  4. The capture symbol × was enlarged and bolded.
  5. The dash symbol ―― was thinned and height adjusted so that it would be in the middle of the = sign in contexts like:
  6. The heights of and were both raised to be the same as ――, the symbols were bolded, and the arrowheads enlarged.
  7. The character was widened, enlarged, and bolded. This was to emphasize its importance and distinguish it from the multiple ―― characters in its scope.
  8. The character was enlarged and bolded.
  9. The character was heavily enlarged to distinguish it from the ordinary . character.
  10. The character was enlarged.
  11. The and symbols were enlarged.
  12. and were thinned and aligned horizontally.
  13. A stem was added to the lower right of the capital U to distinguish it from .
  14. The character was made to look like a chessboard, like the ARVES favicon.
  15. Characters , , , and were added.
  16. The and symbols were thinned.
  17. The ~ character was thinned.
  18. The - character was lengthened.


Installation of fonts is system-specific.

Mac font installation

On Macs, the font can normally be installed by double-clicking on the font file.

Windows font installation

On Windows, right click on the font file and click "Install".

Linux font installation

  1. Copy the font file to the user's ~/.local/share/fonts/ directory.
  2. Execute fc-cache ~/.local/share/fonts to refresh the font cache.
  3. Restart the application so it can find the refreshed cache.
(Thanks to Lionel for Linux font install instructions).

Do I need this font?


You can use the default system font in most cases (except Windows). Of course, you can also just use code in ASCII like in previous versions of CQL.

Checking font installation

To verify that the font is installed or being rendered correctly (including within code examples on this web site), check the following:
  • The capital U should have a small stem on the lower right.
  • The grid should show a 4x4 grid of squares of two different colors.
  • The ―― character should appear much thinner than the - character